Tuesday, 26 June 2018

ARAINA Whipped Cuticle Butters: Good for Nails? A REVIEW after 45 Days

Being a Nail artist the prior most concern is managing strong, healthy and long nails. I have had my days when my nails were weak and crack of easily. That is when one of my close friends (a nail care freak herself) made me realize how important nail care routine was for healthy nails.

When we talk about nail care the 1st thing that comes to mind is proper filing, shaping and buffing of nails along with cuticle oil and a regular use of good hand cream is the best for healthy nails.

Let me say one thing that these are not enough for healthy nails. A regular use of a good Cuticle cream or Cuticle butter is also necessary. Regular massaging of cuticle area of nails can do amazing. Not just it promotes Nail growth but also softens and evens out the cuticle area giving the nails a beautiful and healthy look and feel. I can say so since I have been trying this out since almost a year.

I had heard lots about cuticle butter by a famous brand Burt’s Bees and I wanted to buy one for my regular nail and cuticle care routine. The reviews for the product were great and I was tempted to buy it but the biggest problem was availability of this product in India and the sky rocketing prices of the re sellers.

That is just when a young Indian Nail artist came up with the brand ARAINA for Cuticle butters.

Since I desperately wanted to invest in good cuticle butter, I decided to give ARAINA Cuticle potion a try.

I have been using ARAINA Cuticle butter for almost a month and half now and I couldn’t help sharing my review with you all.

Before I give you my review for this product let me briefly tell you the reason I invested in ARAINA Cuticle Potion and simultaneously give my review for the same.

1.     As mentioned earlier I wanted good cuticle butter in my nail care routine.
Araina Cuticle Butter has a super moisturising and Non Sticky formula. I have seen a visible difference in my Nails and Cuticle area since I started using it. Not only does my cuticle area and nail bed look clean and healthy but also my nail growth has increased.

All I do is apply a little amount of Araina cuticle butter before bed at night and at times when my cuticles feel dry after removing the nail polish and massage the cuticle area for 1-2mins and leave on the rest for it to absorb.

DAY 45

2.   I wanted a reasonably priced butter for sufficient quantity.
Araina Cuticle butter retails for INR 425 for a quantity that can last for at least 8-10 months even after applying a generous quantity of the product every day which definitely impresses me.

3.   I am slowing moving for Cruelty-free products.
The owner of Ariana Cuticle butter strongly believes in Cruelty-free products herself and has made sure that no such product has been included while making of this cuticle butter.

4.   Fragrance variants available.
When I purchased this product at the time of its launch only 2-3 fragrance variants were available Lavender and Vanilla. At the moment loads of more variants have been added along with the traditional ones to the store for purchases. Some of the newer scents include; Watermelon, Lemon, Musk, Apple and Pineapple.

5.    Quick restocking possible.
Since the product is manufactured in India itself the product can be restocked as and when need without any international payment and shipping issues.

ARAINA Cuticle Potion has definitely not failed to impress me since not only is it a good cuticle butter but also it works as a great hand cream for dry and cracked hands. It moisturizes hands and gives a soft and smooth feel to the skin.

I am truly impressed by ARAINA Cuticle butter. A sure must add for healthy nail and hand care routine.

The store has recently added Nail Oil and Acetone Additive in their product range.

If you are looking forward for purchasing the Cuticle butter or any other nail care products please check their Instagram Page ARAINA by Arshneet.

Thank you for reading and please do leave in your comments below. !!

------ Nail Art My Passion

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