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'Moulin Rouge' & 'Royale Cocktail' by DeBelle - Swatch & Review

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Wishing you all a Very Happy 2017!! I plan to share with you all the review and swatches of two very Gorgeous shades by DeBelle.

If you have read my earlier post; where I have shared my review about the New Indian brand DeBelle by Bangalore based AGS Incorporation. This brand is mainly into Nail Lacquers as well as Personal care products.

The Nail Lacquers by DeBelle are are made using Sea Weed Extracts which is known to promote nail growth

For today, I plan to swatch and review for you all  two super pretty Nail Lacquer shades one of which is 'Moulin Rouge' which is a Dark Red/Maroon shade and the other one is a Turquoise shade which goes by the name 'Royale Cocktail'. 

Moulin Rouge

'Moulin Rouge' is a French origin word meaning a 'Red Windmill'. Just as its name suggests this shade is a beautiful Dark red or a Brick red shade.

It is opaque in a single coat but I would suggest two coats for a perfect look and long lasting effect

Since 'Moulin Rouge' is a Dark red or a Maroon shade it is a very sobre color. I am not a very bright and eye catchy color loving person; I have always loved simple and sobre colors that make your look more natural & 'Moulin Rouge' is surely my type of color. So anyone sharing a similar taste as mine I am sure you would love 'Moulin Rouge' by DeBelle.

For a Video Swatch, Review & Nail Art Tutorial please check the video below;

Nail Art Using 'Moulin Rouge'

Overall Rating (Moulin Rouge): 6.5/7

Royale Cocktail

'Royale Cocktail' is another one of the amazing Nail Lacquers by DeBelle. It is a super pretty Turquoise shade.

'Royale Cocktail' by DeBelle is also a very sobre and a cool colour.

It is almost opaque in a single coat. The second coat makes it completely opaque and long lasting.

Like the other Nail colors by DeBelle even 'Royale Cocktail' has a super glossy Gel-like finish after drying. After applying the shade I was totally in Love with the look and could not take my eyes off my nails. 

For a Video Swatch, Review & Nail Art Tutorial please check the video below;

Nail Art Using 'Royale Cocktail'

Overall Rating (Royale Cocktail): 6.5/7

My view on both the products; 'Moulin Rouge' & 'Royale Cocktail':

The drying time for Moulin Rouge & Royale Cocktail is fast and takes few minutes for drying completely.

The Quality of the Nail Lacquers by DeBelle is excellent and have great coverage with a smooth spreading over your nails.

Another great aspect of DeBelle Nail Lacquers is the Gel-finish of the polish. They have a super Glossy texture without applying a Top coat.

They are available in and 8 ml quantity at a price of INR 295 on their Website as well as at discounted price on leading Indian Online Shopping Web Portals like Amazon.comFlipkart, Shopclues, Purplle.

Pros of this polish as discussed in my earlier post are the Quality, Quick drying, Gel-Finish, Smooth texture, Pocket friendly packing, Sweet mild odor. While the Cons would be limited color options and a bit higher price for the quantity of Nail Lacquer.

Overall, I can very well say that DeBelle Lacquers are among my new favorites. The QualityGel-finishQuick Drying, and need of just 1-2 coats for perfect opaque look is definitely what I love about these Lacquers.

Truly, looking forward for more color additions to the DeBelle Nail Lacquer collection.

Thank you for reading!! Do leave in your comments about the review. 

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  1. Super comprehensive review! Love the detailed info.

  2. Very pretty! I love Royals Cocktail!

  3. Nice shades. Love the negative space nail art

  4. Loved this post. This brand is really nice . Your manis are lovely

  5. Loved this post. This brand is really nice . Your manis are lovely

  6. Oooh Royale Cocktail is a gorgeous shade! x