Monday, 10 April 2017

Broken Glass Nails using Born Pretty Nail Sequins

Hi everyone,

I plan to review today a super pretty Box containing Sparkly Transparent Blue Nail Sequins (Item Code #37652) available at Born Pretty Store.

The Nail Sequins come is an extremely beautiful Diamond shaped box made of plastic. The shape of the box is exactly like a diamond and the Blue Nail Sequins inside sparkle in the light giving it the look of a Sparkling diamond.

The shape of these sequins is triangular and are transparent blue in color. The sequins are a bit of shade shifting type since when placed on a black base they look more of golden yellow then blue.

The quality is very impressive. The quantity of the product is excellent since the entire jar is completely filled with sequins.

A total of 8 different patterns of Nail Sequins are available with sizes ranging from 2-6mm depending on their shapes. But the size of these triangle shaped pattern is 2mm.

Each box retails at $0.99 on Born Pretty Store

For a detailed review of this product & for getting a Broken glass look for your nails see the video below.

If you wish to purchase this product click the link Sparkly Transparent Blue Nail Sequins!!

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  1. This is a very different kind of idea that you have shared for the nail art creation. It is quite impressive. Placing a sequence on your nails to create something on them is not an easy task.