Friday, 26 January 2018

Mermaid's Tail Nails using BORN PRETTY Chameleon Nail Polish M012: REVIEW + TUTORIAL

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I love the shade shifting effect of Chameleon polishes but recently there has been a new addition in the Chameleon range of nail art supplies with the new shade shifting flakes which can be used to give similar look but in Flake like appearance. Use of these flakes can be tedious and time consuming so the brand Born Pretty has come up with these gorgeous range of Chameleon polishes which include the flake version as well. Today's swatch and review is of one of the shades from the Newer version of Born Pretty Chameleon Nail Lacquers.

This range of Nail Lacquers has two varieties in each shadeOne of them being the regular Chameleon Nail Polish while the other being a flakie polish having flakies of the same shade as its corresponding Chameleon Polish.

The shade with me is the 9ml BORN PRETTY Chameleon Nail Polish Eternal Life Destiny Fairy Sequins Nail Lacquer Varnish (Item Code#39972) which includes M011 Eternal Life (Regular Chameleon polish) and M012 Destiny Fairy (being the Flakie version). Both the polishes have the same shade shifting effect; from a beautiful Purple to maroon to a perfect emerald Green color.

The M012 Destiny Fairy chameleon flakie polish can be used as a top coat on a regular polish of any color or using the sponge dabbing technique as a flakie polish base and topped with a glossy top coat.

For detailed review, Swatches and Nail art Tutorial check the video below,

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