Thursday, 2 June 2016

Cemera Polishes Swatches Review

Hey friends,

On my vacation I came across these fabulous local polishes by Cemera France. I found them so amazing that I decided to post my review as well as the swatches for these polishes. 

I was on my vacation when I decided to go for a Retail therapy. The best part of it was that being a Nail artist and a Nail polish addict, I landed at the counter having polishes displayed. I saw a counter displaying some Local polishes by the name Cemera France. These were a range of Gel Finish polishes with colours that are usually not available with the famous Nail polish brands in India and at a super affordable cost. So I landed up buying six different Shades.

The shades for review are by...
Brand: Cemera France Gel Stylist (Local Brand)

Shade: Shade No. 18, 36, 39, 42, 44, 45, 47

Shade No. 18
Shade No. 36
Shade No. 39
Shade No. 42
Shade No. 44
Shade No. 45
Shade No. 47
(Note: All the Swatches are without a top coat)

Quantity: 9.9ml

Time for drying: approximately 20-30secs# (which is a real good for people who like their polishes to dry faster)

Coats required: 1 coat completely Opaque, 2 coats for the shade as looks in the bottle

Colour:  Pastel Peach (Shade 39), Apple/Poison Green (Shade 36), Pastel Blue (Shade 45), Dark Grey (Shade 44), Pastel Purple (Shade 42), Nude (Shade 47) and finally a Dark Purple (Shade 18)

Texture:  Gel finish, Thin, Glossy and smooth (Shade 36, 39, 42, 44, 45, 47), Sand textured (Shade 18)

Odour: faint sweet odour

Ease of Application: Very smooth and easy spreading
For Nail Art: 
  • Not a very good polish for stamping because of its thin and smooth texture
  • Works fabulous for Drag marble technique
  • Perfect polishes for Water marbling technique

Price: Very Affordable (ranges from Rs 50 (approx. USD 0.74) to Rs 70 (approx. USD 1) )

Availability: Currently available only in India at local stores
Gel Finish Polishes

Overall Rating*: 6.5 out of 7

(I have calculated it using a stopwatch; *Rating scale available in Product Review Section)