Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tutorial 20: White Marble Stone Nails

Hello friends,
Today's tutorial is  basically a technique to give a marble like look to your nails. 

This is a very simple technique called Water spotting done using one or two colors of polish as well as water and a spray containing water or rubbing alcohol.

I have been very bad at Watermarble technique which is a base for giving this marble effect to your nails. But now that I have been trying this technique since a couple of weeks, I have learnt a couple of things that I was lacking in for getting better at the technique. I would like to share a few tips that watermarble amateurs like me may be missing out on.

1. Make sure the polish you use is less viscous i.e. more easy flowing. More easy flowing polish means better the spreading of drop added in water and more the layers for watermarble

2. Container with water should not be a big and deep. The round in shape, smaller in size and shallow the container the better Watermarbling.

3. Water should be at Room temperature. Warm or cold water do not give a good spreading of polishes in water.

4. Switch of the Fan or Air conditioner which may be close to the work table since forceful air/breeze may dry the drop of polish thus preventing it from spreading. 

5. Finally, for water marble designs make sure you use very fine needle or a watermarble tool or a pin to create designs. Thick tip of the needle does not let one create designs since the polish layers stick to the thick tip instead of lightly moving with the needle tip

Since this tutorial is for Marble stone like look to your nails using Water Spotting Technique, a few tips along with the above for it would be

6. Use a rubbing alcohol spray or a deodorant spray for creating the spotting effect in the polish layer.

7.  And make sure the spray is held a good distance from the bowl which will give a better spotting effect to the polish layer before dipping your nails.

Hope these few tips that I came across on my way to learning the Techniques helps you my friends.

Moving on to the tutorial here is a short video to where I have used Water Spotting effect to create Marble Stone nails.

Hope you were able to follow my tutorial. 

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