Friday, 26 August 2016

OOO Polish 'Candace' and 'Chinelo' Swatch & Review

Hey my lovelies,

Instead of a regular tutorial post, today I am going to swatch and review some amazing polishes by an Indie polish brand OOO Polish. They have these amazing shades of polishes and were kind enough to send a few ('Candace' and 'Chinelo') for reviewing.


OOO Polish is Nigerian owned Indie Polish brand owned by the lovely Symantha. They have Spiritually and African inspired polish line of custom handmade colors. The polishes are vegan and 5-FREE, making them quite safe for use. Currently there are  8 different Collections with different colors of polishes under each collection.

What I loved about these polishes was the unique and beautiful names they have. The names have been given based on the kind of colors they are or represent and have meanings themselves making them even more Unique and one of its kind.

Moving on to the lovely colors for review.

First Shade for review is....


 Candace is a polish which is named after Empress of Ethiopia. It is derived from Cushitic (East African languages)'kdke'  meaning 'Queen Mother'. As the name suggests this shade of polish belongs to the Queen Collection of the Indie Brand OOO Polish


The color of blue gives it a deep look like still water. The color of Candace is just a perfect match for its name where the subtle and gentle Blue is like a Mother; caring, kind, gentle and loving. On the other hand watching Candace closely the pink purple and blue shimmer gives it a Grandeur of a Queen making it a perfect 'Queen Mother' or Candace.


 is almost opaque with 1 coat of polish, 2 coats it is completely opaque and a 3rd coat is a perfect color shade as in the bottle. Close watch under bright light you can see beautiful pinkish purple and blue shimmer actually making the entire polish just a WOW image.


The next shade for review is......


The word 'Chinelo' comes from an African origin and means 'thought of the personal God'.


It is a beautiful pink shade with golden shimmer and blends naturally with the skin tone. On closer look you can see beautiful, tiny specks of glitter particles which are the actual reason for the golden shimmery look.


 At the beginning I thought the shade would look shinny and bright, but the shade definitely surprised me. The moment I applied Chinelo the shade was beautiful, the shimmer looked so natural and normal as if my nails had their natural shine.


It is sheer in 1 coat but completely opaque with 3 coats.
The shade is too beautifulgrand and mysterious. I found it mysterious because at times it looks pink while in bright light it looks Golden. In a particular background light it gave a gorgeous Orange Gold effect. So basically with different lighting it reflected a different color which was truly mesmerizing.


The polishes are of Full size quantity of 15 ml each available in beautiful cylindrical glass bottles.

The texture is very smooth and spreads very easily and evenly on the nails. Both the polishes dry completely in 2-3 mins

They have Gel-like finish on drying with a glossy look without a top coatThey were gentle and did not cause any staining on my nails

These polishes lasted perfectly without any polish chipping off or damage for 8-9 days which definitely too good because that is what we nail artists look for; long lasting polishes to hold the designs.

For transportation the bottles were securely packed in Zipper pouches, covered with a thick bubble wrap and placed in a corrugated box and thick S-shaped thermocol pieces as a padding to prevent external shocks while shipping. I  really found this a perfect packaging for packets sent to long distances. 

The polishes were shipped to me from Houston, Texas and it took around around 30 days to reach me. But on arrival the package and polishes was perfectly safe and secure

Overall I am very happy with the quality and quantity of these polishes. I am a very soft and subtle colors loving person and these colors are just the kind of shades I love wearing. They can be worn as a part of daily wear or formal wear since they are not very loud and eye catching colors. They blend perfectly with the natural skin tone.

If you intend to buy OOO Polish, they are available HERE for $7.50 (approx INR 500) which is a great price for a full size 15 ml bottle. In case of International shipping; there is an additional International shipping charges of $8 (approx INR 530)

Do try these amazing Polishes and let me know what you think you them in the comments section.

Thank you!!

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  1. Wow so beautiful! I love Chinelo

    1. Thank you so much dear <3 same here loved the Rose Gold color

  2. I had never heard of this brand! The blue shade is awesome and your nail art with the pink is so pretty!

  3. These both look beautiful candace is a gorgeous shade x

    1. Thanks a lot dear <3 Yes Candace is a very pretty shade

  4. Great swatches and I love your nail art!

  5. These are both gorgeous polishes x

  6. Wow Chinelo is too good!