Thursday, 2 March 2017

26pcs / set Spill Resistant Finger Shield at Nur Besten Store - A Review

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The the product for review today is  26 pcs set of Spill-Resistant Manicure Finger Shield (Item code #25683) available at Nurbesten. 

26 pcs set of Spill-Resistant Manicure Finger Shield help to protect the skin around your nails from mess of manicures. One just needs to lip on the Nail Shield at the top of your finger like a ring.

The set consists of 26 different pieces of Nail Shields. Since each finger nail being different size needs a different Nail shield so the set contains 10 different sizes. Each size of a nail shield is given a number to identify it.

All you need to do is find the right size that fits each of your nails and use the same every time you plan to have a manicure.

To make it easier to remember it every time a  ‘Track Your Sizes’ sheet is provided with the set, so you need to just write down the number that fits your nail perfectly corresponding to the image of the finger

The set also includes 32 French tip guides for giving your nails French tip manicures.

The 26 pcs set retails for $3.29 on Nurbesten Store which I find quite reasonable since this product is reusable.

Quick review & tutorial for 26 pcs set of Spill-Resistant Manicure Finger Shield.

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