Sunday, 5 March 2017

Odor free Latex Cuticle Guard from Nurbesten - A Review

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Clean up of cuticles after nail arts; especially for techniques like Stamping or Watermarbling technique is super tedious and boring and at times could ruin your work. But this amazing product Born Pretty Odor free Latex cuticle guard (Item code #36614) available at Nurbesten Store is definitely the one needed by all nail artists.

You need to check out this review if you are looking for relief from tough cleaning up of cuticles after manicures.....

'Clean up of cuticles after nail art is a big problem.' 

Making DIY Cuticle tapes is the most creative idea and the simplest alternative, but not a very successful one since it has its own shortcomings. Either the scotch tape leaves the glue on the skin or the DIY cuticle protector takes lots of time to dry and even after that perfect peeling of the tape cannot be assured. Another one of its shortcomings is that the DIY Liquid peel-off tapes are not Water-proof so they cannot be used for nail art techniques like Watermarble and Water spotting.

I was looking for a good Liquid latex Cuticle protector, but I was told by my nail artist friends that regular Liquid latex have a very strong and a repulsive smell of Ammonia.

Luckily, I got a chance to try this Born Pretty Odor free Latex cuticle guard (Item code #36614) from Nurbesten Store

Born Pretty Odor free Latex cuticle guard is a 10ml rectangular bottle. There are 7 different colored variants available for the Liquid latex, of which I am using is Pink colored.

It takes just few minutes to dry completely as compared to the DIY tapes (check the video for details)

& Guess what...

The product is also water proof...


I am totally amazed with this product which is of great quality, available in 7 different color options, Quick drying & water proof. The Born Pretty Odor free Latex cuticle guard retails at $2.99 on Nurbesten Store.

For a detailed review of this very impressive Born Pretty Odor free Latex cuticle guard see the video below.

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