Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Shade 017 Simply Smashing by Health & Glow Swatch & Review

Recently, while I went around on shopping spree I came across the store Health & Glow. They store had their own brand of Nail Polishes…  Loved their shades so picked up a few. Today I would love to review one of the shades I purchased from Health & Glow.
The shade I intend to review today is….

Shade 017 Simply Smashing by Health & Glow

017 Simply Smashing by Health & Glow

Brand: Health & Glow

Shade: 017 Simply Smashing

Time for drying: less than a minute

Coats required: 2 for a perfect shade.

Colour: Greenish blue (Peacock Green to be precise), Satin finish.

Odour: a little strong odour

Ease of Application: Smooth and easy spreading

Single Coat of Nail Polish

2 Coats of Nail Polish

For Nail Art: Stamping technique looks good but with stamping polishes of light shade. Water Marble technique I have tried was with pearl white nail Polish giving a holographic effect.

Use as Nail Stamping Polish: Works well for Stamping Nail Art technique but gives a very light shade so can be used on Light shade Base polishes (Refer Picture 3)

Price: Affordable

Availability: A bit difficult to get as it is only available in their stores. Not available online

Overall Rating*5 out of 7

(*Rating scale available in Product Review Section)

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