Friday, 2 September 2016

Harunouta Round Plate 10 Review with Argyle Pattern Nail Art

Hey girls,

I was sent a couple of nail art products for review by Harunouta Store one of them was this pretty stamping plate Harunouta Round Stamping plate 10. A round metal plate, with beautiful cloth patterns engraved on it.

Firstly this plate is made of good quality metal with a glossy finish. The back side of the plate is a sticker with white the Harunouta brand imprinted on it with black.

Designs on the plate are deeply etched, so images when picked up on the stamper are sharp and clear even with local polishes when used for stamping, which was an amazing thing about the plate.

The plate is covered with a thin blue film which protects it from an scratches or any other damage. The plate comes with a cute pink colored cover with floral pattern, so after using the plate, it can be place in the cover

Harunouta stamping plate 10 has a total of 5 patterns engraved on it which are mainly inspired by cloth patterns. The patterns included are Argyle, Plaid, Tartan plaid and others.

The size of the designs are big enough for all nail sizes and shapes.

Cleaning of this plate is quite easy. All you need is a cotton ball and some polish remover. After cleaning the plate looks as good as new.

Check out the short review and tutorial video for more details about this pretty plate.

Overall I found this plate too good and would recommend Nail artists looking for stamping plates for cloth patterns manis. The price is also quite amazing as it is available at Harunouta store for JPY 356 (approx INR 230) but since they have regular discounts on their store you can purchase it for JPY 178 (approx INR 115) which is such an amazing deal to grab.

If you want to buy this plate just click this link .

Also, you can additionally get a discount of JPY 300 if your total purchase amount is above JPY 2000. You just need to do is use my code MYTT300 in the coupon box provided at the time of checkout that is all!!!

Hope you liked this review. Do let me know what you think of this Stamping plate in the comments section.

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