Sunday, 8 November 2015

Tutorial 5: Blue Pajama Print Nails

Blue Pajama Print Nails


1. Dark Blue/Royal Blue Colour Base Nail polish (I have used Shade L03 Deep Blue by Nail trends)

2. Acrylic Colours (White, Prussian Blue, Yellow)
3. Dotting tools* (small, medium large)
4. Top Coat -------------> Sealing the Design
5. Nail polish remover/Acetone
6. Cotton buds

Blue Pajama Print Nails

Hey Readers,

I know you must be wondering what a funny name for a Nail art....

Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Actually I copied this design from one of the Pajamas I got. I loved the design a lot so thought of copying it onto my Nails.

Original Print

Hence the name... Blue Pajama Print Nails...

Moving ahead to the Tutorial...

I am sure you must be ready with all the requirements for this Tutorial....

So without wasting any more time.... Lets Begin....


Step 1:

Apply Dark/Royal Blue Nail Polish as the Base for the background in the print (Picture 1). Allow it to dry completely.

Picture 1

Step 2: Creating White flowers

Using a medium or a large Dotting tool (depending on the size of the nails) create petals with dots as shown in Picture 2.

Picture 2

The Technique of creating the petals are similar to the one used for making "Clouds" in Tutorial 2. Just the dots in these design have to be put next to one another in a circular pattern to create a flower.

Picture 3

Repeat the same design on all the nails. (Picture 3)

Now to create the center of the flowers.....

Using Prussian blue acrylic color and medium dotting tool create blue center for all flowers as shown in Picture 4.

Picture 4

Repeat the same procedure for all the nails till it looks something like Picture 5 & 6.

Picture 5

Picture 6

We are almost done with our design....

With a small dotting tool and yellow acrylic color create tiny dots in the center of the flowers. (Refer Picture 7)

Picture 7

Repeat the same technique for all Nails.

Woohooo!!! We are done. Just the last important Step 3.

Step 3: Sealing the design

Using a Transparent top coat seal the design on the nails so that your fabulous Nail art does not get spoiled. Make sure your top coat is a good quality one as low quality Top Coats can smudge off  your entire design.

That's All Folks!!!!

You have your Nails looking Fabulous!!!!!

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