Monday, 16 November 2015

Tutorial 7: Diwali Traditional Nails

Diwali Traditional Nails


1. Nail polish: Shade L05 Chrome Blue by Nail Trend

2. Acrylic Colours (Red & Yellow)
3. Nail art brush* (detailing brush) 
4. Dotting tools* (Medium and small)
5. Top Coat -------------> Sealing the Design
6. Nail polish remover/Acetone
7. Cotton buds

Good Day my Dolls,

After an awesome Diwali celebration this year with my family, friends and my lovely followers on my blog, Instagram profile and Facebook page. 

I am back today with a Tutorial for a Nail design which I made on one of the Festival days.

Here I am sharing the Stepwise procedure to recreate my Design.

To begin with the Tutorial.....


Step 1:

Apply the Shade Chrome Blue by Nail Trend as the base for the Design (Picture 1). Allow it to dry completely.

Picture 1

Step 2: Creating the flower in Design

I have created the designs using acrylic paints (red and yellow color). 

First using a medium dotting tool start with a tiny yellow dot in the corner of the nail. Make small red dots using the small dotting tool around the yellow dot. The result should look like Picture 2.

Picture 2

Follow the same technique for all the nails. (Refer Picture 3)

Picture 3

Moving on to the next step....

Step 3: Creating the remaining design

Now using the nail art detailing brush and red acrylic color create a half swirl just above the Flower created in Step 2 (make sure the swirl should originate from the flower) as shown in Picture 4.

Picture 4

Create a Second swirl facing the opposite side of the first one. (Picture 5)

Picture 5

Repeat the design shown in Picture 4 and 5. Result will look like in Picture 6.

Picture 6

Now using the small dotting tool and yellow acrylic color create tiny dots randomly around the above design to. (Picture 7)

Picture 7

Repeat the above steps for all the nails.

Step 4: Sealing the design

Seal the design you have created using a Transparent top coat. Allow it to dry completely.

Traditional nails design is ready.

Make sure you wear a lovely Traditional outfit to match with this Design. Add on a lovely Dangler earrings to enhance the look...

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