Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Born Pretty Holo Polish #11 Swatch & Review

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Today I am very excited to share a swatch and review a beautiful Polish by Born Pretty which was sent for review by Nurbesten Store. The happiness was since this is a Super pretty and Super Gorgeous Holo Nail Polish.

Nurbesten Store is a German Online store offering wide range of products from Nail Art supplies, Beauty products, Jewelry, Clothing, Accessories, Mobile accessories and the list goes on. So if you are looking for products from any of the above categories please check Nurbesten to get them at really reasonable prices and the best thing being they ship Worldwide.

About Holograhic polishes; they are basically a type of glitter polishes which give a rainbow color effect with the glitter particles. I was lucky to get my first linear Holographic (Holo) polishes from Nurbesten Store which is Born Pretty Holo Polish Shade 11 (Item Code #6409). 

Born Pretty Holo Polish Shade 11 (Item Code #6409is a beautiful purple shade of linear holographic polish. The polish has a deep purple base with minute holographic particles giving the Nail polish a stunning purple holographic look.

When seen under bright light, LED or flash light it has a very strong holo effect making it look magnificent. While in natural light it looks a beautiful subtle Purple shade.

The consistency of polish is very smooth and easy spreading and dries quickly. It is sheer with single coat but gives a perfect opaque look with 3 coats of polish. To get a perfect look as in bottle you may need 4 thin coats of the polish. 

One amazing thing about this polish is that even with a single coat it has a very strong holographic look. So if you are looking for a holo polish with a beautiful light purple/Lavender color a single coat of Born Pretty Holo Polish Shade 11 should be perfect.

I have never liked Nail polishes with strong odor so another feather to the cap for this Nail polish should be it has a very faint but sweet odor.

The polishes are available in cute 6 ml bottles. Price for these Holographic polishes are USD 12.88 (approx. INR 854) for each 6 ml bottle, which I found a bit expensive; but with frequent sales going on Nurbesten Store you can buy them for a sale price between USD 5-7 (INR 330-460) each.

Currently, there are 15 different Holographic Nail Polish from Shade #1- 12 available and new additions to the collection are #23, #24 & #25 at Nurbesten Store for which you can check the link HERE.

One point which I felt lacked in this particular product was the Ingredients and the Instructions for the use of this Polish missing on the packaging

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by this Holographic polish and would love to add on more Born Pretty Holographic Polish shades to my collection.

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