Monday, 19 September 2016

Born Pretty Stamping Polish 6# and 12# at Nur Besten Store - Review

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Today I would be sharing with you all a quick review on a Born Pretty Stamping Polish Yellow 6# and Green 12# available at Nur Besten Store. Keep reading for a detailed review on these polishes.

Stamping Technique in Nail art is the simplest technique for creating huge range of designs within few minutes. For creating manis with this technique all you need is a Template containing designs (also called as a Stamping plate), a Special type of nail polish used only for this technique (Stamping Polish), a Stamper to pick the design from the template and your nails covered with Nail polish of base color of your choice.

Stamping Polishes are special type of Polishes which are used for this technique. 

Now the question is why it is so special????

….....The answer to this question is not all regular polishes can stamp.

When we say a stamping polish the 1st thing to look for a good one is the polish has to be highly pigmented which regular polish may or may not be. The polish must be absolutely opaque on application.

As for nail artists like us, when we buy stamping we make sure the polish when stamped on light color base is visible which is true in most cases. But the key point is a polish is good for stamping when it stamps equally well on dark base colors like Black, Brown, Navy Blue, Javeli etc.

The Stamping polishes that I plan to review today are;

Item Code: #22325

Item Code: #22331

About the Polishes;

Pros: What I loved about these Stamping Polishes were;

           1. Very Opaque and thick consistency (best for Stamping)
           2. Works on dark as well as light base
           3. Quick dry
           4. Bright shades
           5. Can be used for more than a year without drying of polishes
           6. Reasonable price for a Full size bottle (15 ml each)

Cons: What I found missing;

          1. Shade No. for future reference
          2. Ingredients and Instructions of using these Polishes
          3. Proper Storing Conditions
          4. Date of Manufacturing/Expiry

For detailed review check the video below with a short Tutorial with one of these stamping polish

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Hope you liked this review. If  you are looking for a good stamping polishes I would highly recommend these Born Pretty Stamping polishes available at Nur Besten.

For more details feel free to leave your comments in the box provided below.

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