Monday, 5 September 2016

Pink detailing brush by Harunouta Store - Review

Hi Friends,

I am sure many of my nail artist friends who love to do free hand nail designs are looking for the right brushes. I was sent a couple of nail art products for review by Harunouta Store of which, I will be sharing the review of a Pink transparent crystal clear handle paintbrush for freehand nail designs.

Freehand nail artists usually have a problem finding the right Nail art brushes so they land up trimming the bristles of regular craft brushes to size and lengths suitable for making freehand nail art

I have been doing my freehand designs in a similar way but was never happy with the results as the fineness of lines and the look was never as I visualized my mani to look.

Luckily a Japanese nail art supply store Harunouta sent me this brush for review. This product is Pink Transparent Clear Crystal Handle Paintbrush by BOAN, Item Code #18519. The cost of this brush is 424 JPY (approx INR 278)

What I loved about this brush was the fine bristles of the brush and length of its tip which was perfect for creating very fine Nail art work. The bristles are soft and move smoothly and steadily while drawing lines. It could be used with acrylic colors as well as Nail polishes for making or filling in designs. 

Another good thing about this brush is a firm metal body. The quality of metal is quite good and corrosion resistant so washing colors of the brush is not a problem any more. 

A Pink metal cap is provided with this brush, so after using the brush the bristles can be protected from damage by just placing the cap over them. With the cap on the brush looks more like a pen than regular nail art or craft brush.

Finally, aesthetically, the beautiful pink color of the brush handle with a transparent section filled with clear white crystals gives it a super pretty look. This brush is available in three color variants Pink, Purple and Black to choose.

I totally loved this brush and would definitely recommend it to all my fellow Nail artists who are free hand experts or beginner; and even to artists who would love to try Freehand nail art. This brush is definitely for all whether Professionals or Nail art lovers. 

Here is a freehand mani design of a Hanging bat made using the brush.

Check out this short slideshow video tutorial of this design.

If you wish to purchase this product all you need to do is check this link.

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Hope you liked this review. If you have used this brush or you are looking for a good nail art brushes for fine mani designs, do let me know what you think of this brush in the comments section.

Thank you!!

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